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Variety Combo (Free Shipping)


Get all the great flavors in one variety bundle deal.

Our Original Sweet As Ginger Beer, refreshing Lemon-Infused Sweet As Ginger Beer and our new LIMITED EDITION Raspberry Cocktail Beer with a whopping 6% – 7% alcohol in just 24 hours!

Bundle consists of 9 bags. Each bag is 200g and makes 2 liters each.


*Rural surcharge still applies

Made with real fruit, real ginger and no artificial flavoring; these sparkling drinks will blow your mind. Easy to make and packed with sparkling goodness. All flavors are made the same, add 2 litres of luke warm water with each pouch and you are good to go. Our cocktail range is slightly sweeter than the original Sweet As Ginger Beer.  Our cocktail range is specifically formulated for consumers who love cocktails but not necessarily the sweetness (and sugar) that goes with it. Most of the sugar gets converted into alcohol giving you a great alternative.

Gain some bragging rights at your next barbecue with your very own home-brewed drinks. Offer a variety to your mates and you will surely impress!

*Raspberry Cocktail available for a limited time only!!!


Add-ons total:



  • Each 200g bag makes 2 Litres
  • Sweet As Ginger Beer & Lemon Infused Sweet As Ginger Beer has 4%-5% Alcohol
  • Raspberry has 6%-7% Alcohol
  • 3 x 200g Original Sweet As Ginger Beer | 3 x 200g Lemon-Infused Sweet As Ginger Beer | 3 x 200g Raspberry Cocktail Beer
  • 100% Legit

Directions of use:

  • Add lukewarm water
  • Wait 24 hours
  • Enjoy!

Check out our video on how to make all our products:

Creating the Perfect Brew



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