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You must like ginger beer or you wouldn’t be here… You will know if you have tasted Sweet as Ginger Beer as there is nothing else like it. The process is simple yet empowering. To be the master of your own brew. Now that’s Sweet As!

Our packaging is reusable, and the process is simple.

Sweet As Ginger Beer is made with real ginger and cane sugar. No flavor enhancers which ensures you get the authentic strong taste. Make sure you gently mix the contents before serving. You will see the pure brewed ginger in a cloud of flavor. Our ginger beer is 100% legit.

Now for the best part… if you follow the instructions carefully and you do everything we say, your Sweet As Ginger Beer brew will have 4%-5% alcohol in just 24 hours.

YUSSS! Let’s just say it again. 4%-5% alcohol in just 24 hours. Now that’s sweet don’t you think?

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Who are we

Here, at Sweet As Ginger beer, we strive to give you the best quality product. We deem integrity and honesty as the foundation of our business and build everything on that. We have sourced products locally first, and only when it is not available locally do we look across the boarders of our wonderful country. Our aim is to give each and every client a wonderful experience from the moment the order is placed to the last sip of your own fermented Sweet As Ginger Beer.

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